Thursday, April 16, 2009

मतदार राजाचा दिवस.

होय मतदार राजा, आज तुझाच दिवस आहे.
योग्य व्यक्तीला मतदान करुन स्वतःचा आजचा दिवस आणि पुढील भविष्य चिंतामुक्त करून घे.

उठ मतदार राजा.
मतदान कर.


Nitin said...

Can you please update on Nanded's voting response & the pro-MP gossip.


सौरभ said...

It'll be very early to say something on this sir.

But you can hear ppl gossiping about their own opinions that this time Congress will take away the Nanded constituency from BJP. (By very short margin as they are telling.)

They are not even talking about other party's candidates rather than Congress n BJP.

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