Thursday, February 25, 2010

पाण्याचा अपव्यय की सदुपयोग ?

कोण म्हणतो पाण्याचा अपव्यय होत आहे ?

लातूर फाट्याजवळील फुटलेल्या जलवाहिनीतून तुम्ही तुमच्या गाडीची अशा प्रकारे फ्री वाटर सर्व्हीसिंग करून घेऊ शकता.


आनंद पत्रे said...

व्वा! मनपाच्या या नव्या योजनेचे स्वागत....
पाणि सुद्धा येथुनच भरुन न्यावे लागेल घरी आता..

सौरभ said...

हाहा. :P

Nitin said...

Mr. Ashok chavan would not love to see this.
As he has put lot of efforts(?) to develop Nanded city.
He will say why only such a small leakage ?
He has fooled Nanded citizen by misleading & showing Nanded's illusive development.
Even Ajit Pawar has shown dispointment over Nanded's recently built roads. Pathetic.

Even when he was Industry minister of Maharashtra state he did't bring any Industry to Nanded city. And now being CM he hasn't done anything regarding this.

He only thinks of him & his party that is why his apocryphal victory has been challenged in court & court has accepted that plea by sending him legal notice.

सौरभ said...

I dont think any CM can be aware of such situation.

I mean what is happening there is totally wrong but still we cant blame directly CM.

सौरभ said...

And yes I forgot to mention that you are right, even Ajit Pawar was disappointed by looking at not only the Nanded's roads but also the condition of newly built Shakarrao ji Chavan Prekshagruh.

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