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नांदेड - काल आणि आज ( सर्वेश काबरा )

नमस्कार मित्रांनो, आपला नांदेडीअन्स हा ब्लॉग जनमाणसांत किती प्रसिद्ध होत आहे याची परत एकदाप्रचिती आली आहे.
मूळ नांदेडचे असलेले पण सद्धया पुण्यात स्थायिक झालेले
श्री. सर्वेश काबरा यांनी आपल्याब्लॉगसाठी त्यांचा स्वलिखीत असा एक लेख पाठविला आहे, त्याबद्दल आम्ही त्यांचे आभारी आहोत.

त्यांनी हा लेख इंग्रजी भाषेमध्ये लिहिला आहे पण मी या लेखाला शिर्षक ( नांदेड - काल आणि आज ) मराठीमध्ये दिले आहे, जेनेकरून तुम्हाला लेखाबद्दल एक अंदाज येईल.

650 Kilometers from Mumbai in the south-east part of Maharashtra at the bank of river Godavari there lies a city called Nanded which used to be quite sleepy and untidy before one year but today suddenly the city is on a fast track development and the reason is GurtaGaddi Ceremony which will be celebrated in the city in the month of October this year. Ceremony will attract over 45 lacks tourists from all over the world ….. So finally the city got the reason for prospering..

Nanded which was quite famous for its textile and other allied businesses with exports in the foreign countries earlier, suddenly became very unemployed and low standard due to bad politics and other idiotic decisions in 1980s but today due to the grace of Guru Gobind Singhji it is now totally changing its face and striking off its bad image.

People used to know Nanded for its bad roads and deadly infrastructure. Nanded, which is the largest urban center in its 250 Kms of area, was abused by all people. Nanded which houses the worlds second largest Gurudwara is also the education hub of region with various students from Maharashtra and India. Medical facilities are even better than Aurangabad then what went wrong is Bad planning and poor co-operation of Government which dragged the city back and back.. people used to leave the city in search of jobs and businesses which was becoming great problem day by day.



We can proudly say that, Nanded is the city with very bright future. Various infrastructure projects are going on in the city such as 2 flyovers, 3 bridges, 2 foot- over bridges and

up-gradation of existing ROBs are being constructed. Along with GurtaGaddi, it is JNNURM, which really helped a lot for the speedy expansion of the city. Under BUHP Scheme there are near about 1700 homes are being constructed for the people living in the slum and hence No. of slum will be considerably reduced and dirtyness of the city will be demolished. All the roads are upgraded with taking as priority. All the Access roads to the city are being developed in the style of National Highways.

2 National highways are also decided for the city i.e. No.16 & No.222 which will add glory to the transportation business of the city. Entire new ultramodern Railway station is designed for the city which will have all world class amenities. Major part of the plan is the New International standard Airport that is also almost ready and will start functioning within one month and people will be able to fly for Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Amritsar and during the function time direct flights will be available from London, New York & Bangkok.

Development is taking place by taking Tourism as base and hence tourism is given more importance than anything else and so River front improvements is also taken as priority work. A beautiful amphitheater is being constructed over there with beautiful gardens and Eco-Parks.

Music Fountains along with Laser light animation on the water screen will be first of its kind not only in India but also in the south Asia is planned for the city. Hi-tech museum is also ready to host foreign tourists in the city. Gurugranth Bhavan, new Gurudwara complex, Yatri Bhavans, NRI guest house which is 11 story building will be the tallest one in the city is almost ready. NRI guesthouse will be Wifi and very architectural building with totally covered by beautiful glass.

All the 8 Gurudwaras, which are nearby the city, are connected with 21 Kms. ring road. As the money comes, standard automatically changes and the same happened in the city. Right from the Municipal building to Guest houses, SP office, Railway station are renovated, in fact reconstructed.

Major surprising thing is that along with infrastructure and tourism, economically also the city is getting strong. Large Indian companies are showing their interest in the city for their next ventures. Tata Chemicals is starting its first Ethanol plant in Nanded which will be first and largest in India with initial investment of Rs.50 crores and in next year additional 150 crores will be invested. Parsvanath Developers is building India’s best Pharma SEZ at Nanded in 370 acres of the area with 130 crores investment and already all the plots are sold to Large International companies for their units which will attract around total 2000 crores investment. Gitanjali Gems Ltd is also building its 120 acres Gems & jewel SEZ in Nanded. Bombay Rayon is investing 250 crores in Nanded whereas Kirtee Foods Ltd is also planning for the same amount and the list goes on and on.

Sunil Mantri group has decided to build their next IT Park in Nanded which will bring Nanded in the line of IT cities. XL telecom, Dollex Industries has already started their plants in the city and most excited is Some large companies are considering to take over Nanded Textile Mills (NTC) for bringing it in the profitable condition. EWDPL has already started their one of the largest mall in the city which will have 3star hotel, PVR multiplex, Big Bazaar etc.

On the other side Adlabs theatre is ready and will start in few days. Radio city has launched their service in the city whereas PAN India has declared their venture within 2 months. It really makes me happy to say that the people like me will not have to leave the city in search of jobs in the upcoming years. In addition to that we can say that city will have realty boom in the future as at present many companies and banks are opening their representative offices in Nanded such as Max New York, Bajaj Allianz, Fullerton, UAE Exchange and banks such as Citi Bank is opening its branch whereas other big banks are at present planning to open their ATMs in the city to show their presence. As more and more offices will come property rate will go on increasing.

I agree that though at present people are suffering a lot but they will be very happy in the near future. Many educational institutes are opening their branches in the city whereas Medical Institutions are also not behind as Apollo group has already shown their interest in the city by opening Burners Hospital. Hotel sectors is also not behind in the race. Many hotels are geared up to welcome the tourists in the city surprisingly many hotels are already booked for the month of October. Punjab Bhavan which is the representative office of Punjab Govt. is also being constructed at a cost of Rs.8 Crores for tourist facilitation. Police is also taking training in Mumbai regarding how to handle the Ceremony situations. In fact each & every part of city is cleaned and designed keeping the view of Nanded in 2025.

Cities that used to be ahead of Nanded in terms of development such as Solapur, Jalgaon, Latur, Amravati will soon be very back of Nanded, as they don’t have the reason for development. What I want to say is nobody can prosper without a proper reason and aim whether it is the Person or the place.

If everything goes correctly and as per plan Nanded will be soon among the important cities of India and will definitely appear on the world tourism map. It is just that we have to wait for some time and should co-operate together for the city.


श्री. सर्वेश काबरा यांचे मी परत एकदा आभार मानतो की त्यांनी माझ्या ब्लॉगवर त्यांचा लेख प्रकाशित करण्याची संधी दिली.


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