Sunday, June 1, 2008

गदर्भराज आणि नांदेड ( सर्वेश काबरा )

Bus is about to enter Nanded city and see who is there to welcome you…. Lot many DONKEYS.

It was really a very shameful experience for me. Before some days I came to Nanded with some of my friends and what was the first scene – many donkeys standing at the beginning point of new bridge in the CIDCO roadside. My friends looked at me and I began looking here and there pretending that I have not seen anything. Then our bus passed the bridge and again in the old mondha we saw some donkeys eating the garbage spread on the road, that was really very embarrassing moment for me. Finally we got down from the bus at Kalamandir and there again we were welcomed by the donkeys.

I thought that the NWMC has appointed donkeys to welcome the tourists and the people as they need not be paid any salary and they clean the roads by eating the garbage. I am not joking, wherever we went, we were accompanied by the donkeys. Right from Railway station square to Vazirabad (which is the largest market), Shreenagar (Educational Institution Hub), VIP road (name itself suggests the importance), Bhagyanagar (One of the beautiful areas of the city). Most shocking was one donkey was there outside the Gurudwara also.. Now that is the limit..!!

My friends who are from the small towns, they started laughing at me saying that, they have not seen these much donkeys in there towns and villages as they saw in Nanded (The city which is called as a future city). Not only Donkeys but also cows, dogs walk in between the roads. Cows and dogs are no problem because it can be seen anywhere but donkeys are too mucchhh… I really felt vary bad when they said like these.

I appeal to the NWMC to please look into this matter by taking strict actions against the idiot owners of these donkeys who leave them on the roads. These donkeys not only walk on the roads but also create very irritating noise. Please find out some solution on this otherwise this will really result into the shame of the city.

As on today we can see that tourists have already started approaching the city for Gurudwara and it is obvious that no one will like to see donkeys in the morning after whole night journey in the bus. I expect the corporation should take some action against this. We should bring this to the notice of the corporation.

But HOW????

चित्रमय माहिती पाहण्यासाठी खालील लिंकवर जा


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